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At 11:00 pm on February 26th, 2009, the Rex Grossman Era in Chicago finally ends. To celebrate, we wanted to have a Chicago Tea Party. Unfortunately, that idea was already taken, so we decied to highlight the top 10 worst moments in the Rex Grossman era. After reading this, even Lions fans will have compassion for the second city.
10. Rex Grossman Drafted
April 2003—Rex Grossman is drafted by the Bears: an event that will eventually haunt the psyche of Chicago sports fans for the better part of a decade. Dick Jauron wisely stuck with his instincts and benched RG behind proven veteran greatness in Kordell Stewart and Chris Chandler. Grossman saw playing time only in the trash minutes of the season once the Bears were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Grossman left the final game early with a broken finger—a possible omen of his future tenure.
9. Warm Up Failure
You know you have a good thing when you can glrean good qualities from small habits. You watch Ronaldinho dribble a ball, a magician shuffle a deck of cards, or a stripper split to the floor–and you just know they’re professional. Unfortunately, this is what Bears fans get to work with. When Grossman inspires his fans, it’s more like the pregnant stripper who can’t hang from the pole.
8. Grossman’s last INT as a Bear
Week 10, 2008. The Chicago Bears were 5-3 heading into Week 10 of the 2008 NFL season. The Bears were much better than their record stated. In their three losses, they lost by a total of 8 points (3, 3, 2). The undefeated Tennessee Titans were coming into town, and Chicago was getting excited for a playoff birth. The Bears D played solid. Grossman did not deliver. He finished with 173 passing yards, and 1 int. The crowd was rabid. Grossman failed again.

7. Grossman Calls Media Ignorant
During the week of the Super Bowl, Grossman decided to call the Media Ignorant. Really?!? (happens at the 38 second mark)
6. Panthers Divisional Playoff Game
On January 15th, 2006, the Carolina Panthers traveled to Chicago for a playoff game. The Bears had a first round bye, and were rested and ready to go. Rex started only his second game of the season that day, and it showed. Rex finished the day 17-41 for 192 yards, 1 td, and 1 int. Grossman had a 54 QB rating, crushing the dreams of the Bears heading to the NFC Championship game.
5. Grossman Breaks Ankle
Grossman was no stranger to injury. We will not fault him for lacking Brett Favre’s durability. We will blast him for his reaction to his broken left ankle, which happened August 13th, 2005, in St. Louis. After Grossman was injured, he remarked to people, “Sh$t happens.” With Rex around, this statement couldn’t be more true.
4. Booed on bears family night
Bears fans are generally a loyal and supportive people. They are not known for having the chirpiness that would be more endemic to, say, Eagles fans. But they do know a bad thing when they see it. And sometimes is pays to be vocal, even if it’s in the middle of August.
3. Good Rex, Bad Rex
During the Bears 2006 Regular Season, Grossman was volatile. Good Rex was the best QB in the NFL in the 2006 NFL season. Bad Rex was the worst QB in the NFL. Good Rex had 7 games with a QB rating over 100 (148, 100, 101, 137, 105, 114, 104). Bad Rex had 5 games with a QB rating under 37 (10, 36, 23, 1, 0.0)
The Bears were so good that season, they had a 2-3 record in games Bad Rex played. Not since Ricky Vaughn has a pro athlete had such a volatile season.

2. Superbowl XLI
After an inspiring rally through the playoffs, Grossman delivered an epic Superbowl performance: 165 total yds and 1 TD / 2 INT. One of his interceptions was returned for a touchdown, and he fumbled the snap from his center twice. At the end of the season, Grossman was patted on the head with the Ed Block Courage Award, which is for all intents and purposes the NFL’s version of an A for effort.
1. NYE QB Rating 0.0
December 31st, 2006 The Chicago Bears hosted the Green Bay Packers. For Bears fans, the Packers games are the two biggest regular season games of the season. Somehow, Rex didn’t know this. Grossman had one of the worst games in the history of football. His line, 2-12 for 33 yards and THREE ints. The Packers caught more Rexy passes than the Bears did. He finished the game with a 0.0 QB rating. The worst part of the night, Grossman’s post game interview He blamed his bad performance on looking forwards to a New Years Eve party…
“In this league, especially at this position, you have to bring it every single week, no matter what,” Grossman told the Chicago Sun-Times. “And the situation was I felt like I was going to play about a half, and it was the last game, it was New Year’s Eve — there were so many other factors that brought my focus away from what is actually important, and that’s something that I am never going to do again. There is too much I am responsible for to not give it 100 percent during the week and just the full attention,” Grossman said. “It’s another lesson.”

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