Installation of 5G Infrastructure Throughout the Countries Becomes a New Trend

  • 04 Apr 2022 05:35
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Installation of 5G Infrastructure Throughout the Countries Becomes a New Trend

To improve connectivity in the country over the next few decades, 5G technology deployment is one of the most important steps. Market players have joined forces with other players to build base stations for 5G in all countries. South Korean telecom operators have plans to set up 5G base stations in the country.

Russian operators have also installed base stations. These can be used as licenses are issued by governments. Over the next few years, 5G infrastructure installation will continue to grow. According to Allied Market Research's report, the 5G infrastructure market worldwide will reach $58.17 billion in 2025.

Latest happenings in the 5G industry:

Mobile operators realized the importance of expanding their network into small areas to improve coverage and save costs. Three South Korean operators, including SK Telecom and KT, will establish 5G base stations across small districts in the country. The operators plan to place 5G base stations in the outskirts of urban centers and spend the savings on Seoul and six other major cities that have high data consumption. Nearly 47% of the country's total population lives in small areas with a population under 5,000.

The three operators have decided to invest KRW 25.7 trillion ($22billion) in 5G infrastructure improvements across the country by 2022. Nearly 121,000 5G stations have been installed in the country. The new investment will improve 5G service in seven major cities, including Seoul. It also plans to install 5G technology at 2,000 multi-purpose facilities. Operators plan to expand 5G infrastructure in 85 additional districts by 2021. This includes 4,000 multi-purpose facilities and 20 additional highways.

Major Mergers and Collaborations:

Collaboration is a key strategy for both network suppliers and operators. Ericsson, one of the major mobile network suppliers, collaborated with Tele2 to improve telecom infrastructure and install 25,000 5G-ready bases stations throughout Russia. The installation was completed in 27 different regions across Russia over the last 18 months. This has resulted in a significant increase in network capacity and performance of the network by a factor of 1.7. Aleksey Telkov (CTO at Tele2 Russia) explained that the company had installed a pilot 5G network within Moscow's capital, in collaboration with Ericsson. Numerous companies have been undertaking large-scale network modernization across the country.

The launch and implementation of Ericsson's base station with the Tele2 network highlighted half of the network modernization agreement signed at MWC 2019. Sebastian Tolstoy (Head of Ericsson Russia) stated that the equipment it has in Russia is supportive of the development of 5G technology. Mobile operators will soon be able to launch 5G services once licenses are issued by the government.

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