Mike Ditka Takes Equity Stake in Lingerie Football League

  • 03 Sep 2009 01:13
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The Lingerie Football League has recruited some old pros to their management. Mike Ditka now is an equity shareholder in the league. The news came in a press release today, along with a foreshadowing of other big news yet to come: “The LFL will be making several major announcements in relation to significant media, personality and ownership partnerships such as Mike Ditka.”
In addition to Ditka, we also know ESPN analyst Sean Salisbury and Chicago Bulls’ play-by-play man Tom Dore will be part of the LFL broadcast team, and Maxim Hot 100 winner April Rose will be their sideline reporter.
Hopefully Da Coach’s press conference will be better than this
Mike Ditka better sing at every Chicago Bliss home game
The LFL girls better be careful working with Da Coach

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