New Schemes to Enhance the Security of Consumer Smart Devices

  • 29 Mar 2022 09:55
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New Schemes to Enhance the Security of Consumer Smart Devices

Most countries have developed consumer protection laws that are compatible with smart devices in the past few years. However, IoT has never had any specific regulations.

The UK government has provided funding of four lac Euro to go-getters for a few schemes to improve the security and safety of internet-connected devices. Matt Warman, the digital infrastructure secretary, has confirmed the news. The main goal of the agenda is to increase the number of consumer assurance schemes for smart devices. Also known as IoT (Internet of Things), the agenda aims to do this.

Mandatory assurance programs require that devices undergo autonomous testing or an approved self-assessment. These schemes allow consumers to make security-conscious buying decisions. Manufacturers can now choose from a variety of programs to verify that their products have been subject to independent testing, in accordance with the government's new code for consumer security. It would allow retailers to ensure that they have secure internet-connected devices on hand.

All smart devices sold in the United Kingdom will be subject to the following security standards:

  • Passwords must be unique. One cannot reset the password to the same factory setting.
  • The gadget manufacturers must provide a point of contact for customers to report a vulnerability at any time.
  • Manufacturers should simultaneously declare the minimum time that the device will receive security updates.

AMR predicts that the global market for smart devices will grow at a substantial CAGR between 2020 and 2027. Smart devices offer a variety of enhanced features, such as an enhanced display, augmented battery backup, and in-house monitoring. The global market's growth has been largely driven by this factor. These smart gadgets have gained huge consumer attention over the past few years and have enjoyed considerable popularity all around the globe.

These smart products are also considered status symbols, and consumers feel more confident buying them. Multi-enterprises are constantly developing new products with different smart functions. This has been a major contributor to the market's growth. Google, for example, is working on smart contact lenses that can monitor blood glucose levels. The company also has other monitoring capabilities such as blood pressure monitoring.

However, these products are more expensive than standard devices, which has slowed market growth. The new functions of these devices have nearly eliminated the threat to the market and created many opportunities for the leaders in the industry

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