World Hottest Athlete

  • 06 Mar 2009 23:21
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After tabulating over 1.1 Million votes, InGameNow is pleased to declare Stacy Keibler the World’s Hottest Athlete!
In her 2 on 1 handicapped match, Stacy Keibler outlasted the Feres Twins to gain the coveted World’s Hottest Athlete title. Not since the Giants vs. Patriots Super Bowl has such a major upset occurred. The vast majority of our guest bloggers assumed that the twins would take use their numbers advantage to take the crown. However, Stacy and her 42″ legs proved to be unbeatable.
But 83% of the people voted for Stacy Keibler. And along with the InGameNow vote, that makes Stacy the champion. The people spoke - and spoke loudly - and Stacy is a winner!
InGameNow provides several brackets in which to vote. Bracket # 2 is Tennis Vixens. Bracket # 1 is Girls With Balls (soccer, billiards, softball, golf, basketball, handball, volleyball).

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